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JACQUARD LAB is a textile innovation studio based in Italy that researches and develops resistant, customizable and natural Jacquard fabrics. 

The mission is to innovate textile production through the use of digital technologies to give creators full control over the jacquard variables (function, feeling and aesthetics) and to satisfy the needs of sustainability and personalization of today and tomorrow. JACQUARD LAB enhances local craftsmanship through the use of automated machinery for the creation of unique and entirely Made in Italy eco-sustainable Jacquards. The JACQUARD LAB label is the certification of the service for independent brands, artists and designers for the creation of customized fabrics characterized by high quality materials. It is a collaborative model for reimagining the process of creating fabrics that last over time.




We believe in a better future: sustainable, free and inclusive.

We founded the textile innovation studio JACQUARDLAB after a research journey to concretize our vision defined by conscious and shared processes that allow brands, artists and designers to produce high quality customized Jacquard fabrics, without the limits of minimum quantities. Produce only what is needed when is needed; this is the change we believe is necessary to live in a more sustainable future, starting today.



Territory: innovate the local heritage with 4.0 Technology


The entire production process is carried out in Italy by certified companies


We believe in the collaborative model for reimagining the future

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